Google Offers Pixelbook And Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro Owners 6 Months Of Free Netflix

Around here, we like to think that free is good... for the most part. That is definitely the case with this new promotion in which Google has teamed up with Netflix to provide owners of certain Chromebooks a sweet deal on unlimited video streaming.

If you own a Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus, you are entitled to six months of free Netflix service. It doesn't matter if you purchased the device months ago or recently; Google and Netflix have you covered. As long as you have an eligible Google- or Samsung-based Chromebook, you can visit Google's Chromebook offer site to redeem the offer.


Eligible participants will revive six months of Netflix's "Standard Plan", which allows you to stream content on two devices at a time in up to HD quality. This plan also allows you to download content for later viewing on two smartphones or tablets.

Google values this plan at $10.99 per month, with a total value of $65.94. If you already have a Netflix subscription -- and chances are that you do -- you can apply that $10.99 as a credit to your account for six months. To take advantage of this offer, you will need to sign up before December 31st, 2017.

Chromebook Pro 3 v2 52317

This is the second promotion that we've recently seen targeting the Pixelbook. Last week, Google launched a promotion where customers that purchase a brand new Pixelbook instantly receive a new Google Home AI speaker for free. The Google Home has an MSRP of $129.99, and the promotion is still currently running.