Google Pixel Fold Resurfaces In Leak Revealing A Frame Mounted Camera

Google Pixel 5a
Google recently revealed its upcoming Pixel 7 lineup of smartphones. After having quite a few issues with its current Pixel 6 family, the company is probably looking forward to the refresh. Rumors are starting to hint at the Pixel Fold once again, and more details are beginning to surface. A recent leak hints at the possibility of a Google Pixel Fold having a frame mounted camera. Tipster Digital Chat Station posted a couple of purported design details, including possible camera design, and sizes.

pixel 7
Image Credit: Google

The Pixel Fold was seemingly in development as early as 2019, when Google was issued a patent for a foldable device. Talks about the elusive Pixel Fold began ramping back up in September of last year, but evidently the company decided to hold off on launching it. Now rumors are starting up once again, with tipster Digital Chat Station posting on Weibo about a few possible design details.

The post suggests that "the Google Pixel folding screen engineering machine refers to the Pixel7." It is purported that the Fold will have two sizes available as well. Both options fold horizontally inward, with the outer screen being centered with a single hole, and the inner screen having a full-screen without a hole. The selfie camera on the inner screen is thought to be positioned on the frame itself. This would not be the first time a selfie camera was located on the frame. the 2011 Nokia N9 and Xiaomi's early Mix phones had similar designs.

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Image Credit: XDA Developer

The fact that the Pixel Fold might offer up two screen sizes is not a new rumor. Back in September of last year it was reported that Google had two Android foldables in the works, one codenamed Passport, while the other was codenamed Jumbojack. At that time the thought was that we might see one, or both, surface before year's end. Well, that obviously didn't happen.

Time will tell if the latest rumors lead to anything more in terms of Google finally releasing a foldable device. Until Google actually announces its intentions to actually launch a foldable, we will just have to feed our desires for a Pixel Fold through the "leaks" that will surely continue to surface.