Pixel 8a's Surprise Pricing And Battery Details Revealed By A Reliable Leakster

hero Pixel 7A
Google's Pixel 8a is just weeks away from an expected launch, but we're still being bestowed with further leaks—this time we have a better picture of what pricing and battery specifications will be. It looks like the Pixel 8a won't necessarily be getting a price increase as some thought (more on that below) and that the device will get a nice endurance bump with a larger battery.

According to a reliable tipster, the upcoming Google Pixel 8a will see the battery capacity jump to 4,500mAh (from 4,385mAh on the Pixel 7a). Whether this necessarily translates to better battery life remains to be seen as the device will require not just more juice but also the more powerful Tensor G3 processor to run more AI-based functions than ever before. Still, fitting a larger battery pack into a body almost identical to the current generation is a nice touch.

Just as crucially, the leak also claims that the Pixel 8a will be sold in the U.S. at the same $500 price as before (for the 128GB version). What's different this time is that the 8a will come in a larger (but still not great) 256GB for $560. For what it's worth, even the Pixel 7a launched with a pricier $550 Verizon-only variant that took advantage of the 5G mmWave frequency. 

We don't know about you, but we're definitely excited for the Pixel 8a. Both the 6a and 7a continue to draw fans due to their combinations of affordable pricing, near-flagship features combined with Google's AI smarts, interesting color options, strong hardware, strong software and security update support, and of course the ability to capture fantastic imagery consistently.

The 8a is expected to bring deeper integration with Gemini's generative AI, a 6.1-inch 90Hz (possibly 120Hz) OLED display, a 64MP primary camera, a 13MP ultrawide, IP67 dust-water resistance, seven years of security updates, Audio Magic Eraser, Circle to Search, and a more rounded out bezels hearkening to the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro design language.