Pixel 8a Bezel Design Breaks Cover And Android Users Are Freaking Out

pixel8a leak hero
As is tradition, a new Google device is seemingly leaked before it’s officially unveiled with the Pixel 8a seen in full for the first time. User @TechDroider on X, formerly known as Twitter, posted pictures of what appears to be the front and back of the Pixel 8a. This marks the first time the device has been seen from the front, giving the internet an opportunity to see what the display and bezels look like (allegedly, anyway).

The first, and seemingly only thing, commenters noticed was the sheer size of the bezels, with variations of “the bezels are huge” being the most common reply to the original post. Several users noted that they are no longer looking forward to the device if it’s going to have bezels as big as seen in the pictures.

With the focus going to the bezels it seems like other details just got glossed over. For example, the Pixel 8a seems as if it will be sporting a matte black finish compared to the shiny black look of the Pixel 7a. Another interesting design decision is that the corners will be more rounded compared to its predecessor, possibly making it easier and more comfortable to hold.

pixel8a leak body

All this angst surrounding the size of the bezels is a bit much, as this is a leak that might end up being wrong. The angle of the photo could also playing a role in how the bezels appear, as the source most likely chose that angle as to not appear in the reflection of the display. It’s prudent to wait for official images from Google before making too many judgments.

It's expected that Google will announce the Pixel 8a at its upcoming I/O event on May 14, where there should be higher quality photos of the device and press will get to go hands on with the device.