Google Pixel 8 Video Leak Shows Audio Magic Eraser And Sweet Blue Color

hero google pixel 8 blue
Owners of a Google Pixel smartphone have been enjoying a very handy feature called Magic Eraser, which can remove unwanted items from a photo. Users can simply highlight what part of an image they want removed, and voilà, it is magically removed. Now, Google looks to add another magically delicious feature to its upcoming Pixel 8 that will allow users to remove a certain amount of background noise.

The feature is part of what appears to be a promotional video from Google shared by an X/Twitter user. It shows someone capturing a video of someone riding on a skateboard and in post-production being able to lower the level of background noise. The 14-second clip shows off the Audio Magic Eraser feature, along with what might be a hidden Easter egg of sorts, a new blue color variant.

It should be pointed out that the video was not shared by a trusted source like other leaks and rumors often come from. Instead, @EZ8622647227573 looks more like a burner account.

If true, however, the new Audio Magic Eraser tool could prove to be a huge asset to content creators who often shoot video from their smartphones in noisy public locations. Being able to remove the low rumblings of other people around, or lower the sound of bypassing traffic, would allow the person talking to be heard much more clearly.

Toward the end of the video, it shows the Pixel 8 in a blue color variant, similar to what was first seen with the Pixel 7a. While it is clear that the phone is a shade of light blue, the poor video quality doesn't allow the ability to be able to say it is the same blue as seen with the 7a.

Google has not announced when they will reveal the upcoming Pixel 8 lineup. Last year the company announced the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro during an event on October 6, 2022. It also announced the Pixel 6 in mid-October, so, it should not be much longer before all will be officially revealed.