Google Pixel 8 And Pixel 8 Pro Price Leak Points To A $100 Bump For This Phone

Pixel 8 teaser
We are mere weeks away from the unveiling of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, not that there's much left to reveal. The phones have leaked multiple times, and Google has even confirmed their existence. There's no official word on pricing yet, but there's another leak to take care of that. According to an alleged Google promo graphic, the Pixel 8 is destined for a $100 price increase.

Google's Pixel phones haven't always been the best value, but there's always been a reasonably priced option nevertheless. With the first Tensor-based Pixels in 2021, the value proposition improved markedly. For $599, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 offered most of the hardware and features of the Pro phones, which cost several hundred more. If the new leak is to be believed, at least one of the Pixels will get more expensive.

The retail graphic posted on X (formerly Twitter) lists the Pixel 8 at $699, up from $599 for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7. That graphic claims that the Pixel 8 Pro will remain $899, reducing the gap between Google's new phones. However, over at 9to5Google, they claim to have verified pricing with a trusted retail source. That source says that both phones will actually be getting a price bump of $100. If accurate, the Pixel 8 Pro will hit the $1,000 mark, maintaining the $300 gap between models.
The new Pixels will undoubtedly be compared to Apple's just-released iPhone 15 family. Even with the price increase, Google's phones will maintain a small price advantage. The Pixel 8 will be $100 less than the base model iPhone 15. However, if the Pixel 8 Pro price increase is real, it will cost the same as the iPhone 15 Pro. That might be a slightly harder sell for Google.

Google's Pixel unveiling is scheduled for October 4th, and the company has confirmed that pre-orders will begin on that day. The phones are expected to ship on October 11th. In addition to the upgraded Tensor G3 processor, Google's new phones are expected to have modest battery life improvements, a higher display refresh for the Pixel 8, and a better ultrawide camera for the Pixel 8 Pro.