Google Pixel 6 Owners Complain Of Dead Pixels By The Camera Cutout As Problems Pile Up

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Woes for owners of the Google Pixel 6 continue to pile up, as new reports of dead pixels by the front camera begin rolling in. Google's flagship smartphone has not seen much of a break in terms of things going wrong since its launch last year.

The Pixel 6 launched last year with high expectations, as Google has typically done a solid job in the past with its smartphones. But the Pixel 6 has seen its share of issues. They range from an iffy under-the-screen fingerprint sensor, to calls being automatically declined without informing the owners they had even received a call. And now, owners are reporting that the front screen around the front facing camera is experiencing dead pixels.

Complaints have been popping up around the internet about the dead pixels on sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and the Google Support page. One user, named "Beau Youin", on Google's Support page stated, "The screen has developed a black dot that appears to be growing. Phone has not been dropped and has been updated. What is going on? Google support is very frustrating and doesn't allow me to chat or call anyone. And the drop down menu below doesn't let me choose the Pixel 6 Pro. WTH."

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Reports about the black dots actually began rolling in around January of this year. Since then, a growing number of people have been reporting the issue of dead, or black, pixels on their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro screens. In most cases the issue seems to be focused around the front-facing camera, causing the cut-out to appear larger and more oddly shaped.

As of right now, there are no known reliable fixes for the issue, outside of sending it in for repair. Owners have been reporting that restarting or resetting their device does nothing to help. A few users have said the issue was fixed for them following a software update, while others are saying the issue only exists while the phone is in landscape mode.

As with all the other issues the Pixel 6 has incurred since its launch, owners will simply have to sit tight and hope that Google finds a solution for the latest issue, or bite the bullet and send it in for repair (hopefully it is still under warranty). Another option is to bail on the smartphone and trade it in for a different one. At the time of this writing, Best Buy was offering $250 for an unlocked Pixel 6 with no screen damage, and $125 for one with screen damage. You could also check with your service carrier for deals as well.

Top Image Credit: Google