Google Pixel 4 And Pixel 4 XL Rumored To Receive A Key Hardware Performance Upgrade

Based on previous Pixel launch schedules, we are roughly three months away from the official unveil of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, which will serve as showcases for the Android Q operating system. Leading up to the launch, Google took the unusual step of actually teasing the designof the smartphones, and there have been plenty of leaks regarding the exterior design of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

google pixel 4

Today, however, we're getting some insight into what changes will be going on under the hood. Ever since the original Pixel debuted back in October 2016, 4GB of RAM has been included. Even the most recent Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3a/Pixel 3a XL adhere to the 4GB mantra. But sources for BGRindicate that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will bump that figure to 6GB. While that's still below the 8GB threshold that many Android flagships seem to be rocking these days, it's still an appreciable gain.

Pixel owners have complained for years about performance issues and apps dropping out of memory with "just" 4GB at their disposal, so the increase to 6GB should help to alleviate those concerns.

As for other hardware specs, it's a near-guarantee that the Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC (not the new gaming-centric Snapdragon 855 Plus). It would also be nice if Google were to bump the base storage configurations to 128GB, which is something that Samsung has already done with its Galaxy S10 family. The current Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3a/Pixel 3a XL both come standard with 64GB of storage, while 128GB is a $100 option.

The Pixel 4 family has at least two cameras on the rear (instead of one like all previous Pixel smartphones) and it could also include a time of flight (ToF) sensor. It's also likely that screen sizes will stick close to the current smartphones, coming in at around 5.5 inches (2280x1080) for the Pixel 4 and around 6.3 inches (2960x1440) for the Pixel 4 XL. The latest leak also suggests that the Pixel 4 XL will ditch its unloved notch in favor of a noticeable bezel at the top.

Be sure to stay tuned for more Pixel 4 news that will inevitably leak over the next few months.