Google Patent Application Reveals Glass Smartwatch In Development

For whatever reason, the smartwatch “craze” has been more of a low-level buzz than one might expect, but plenty of companies are getting in the game nevertheless. Google is no exception, and after a hearty helping of rumors to that end, Google has filed a patent application that indicates that the company might have one of its own in development. (The patent title is pretty clear: "Smart-watch with user interface features.”)

This Google smartwatch makes no clear mention of Bluetooth-type connectivity, which has been something of a hallmark for these devices, although it does detail all manner of wireless connectivity such as WAN, LAN, satellite (indicating perhaps GPS capabilities), “telecommunications” network (does that mean Dick Tracy-style voice or even video calls?), and so on.

Google smartwatch

The basic components of this smartwatch will be a wristband, a base, a battery, and at least one auxiliary component. The base will include most of the brains of the operation, such as the processor and a wireless transceiver, and the battery and wristband would be connected, with the wristband containing a voltage line.

Additionally, the wristband’s clasp could connect the circuit when the wearer dons the device, and it could also contain a USB plug or other connector. More impressively, the device could have two separate touchpads on the wristband, which would allow for pinch, stretch, and tap up/tap down functionality. The whole system would be modular, so either a manufacturer or a consumer could potentially customize their own device by adding or removing components.

Google smartwatch

The whole thing is very intriguing, and of course, Google could completely disrupt the fledgling smartwatch market with such a device. It also might be designed to work in conjunction with Google Glass, which would be a pleasant surprise.