Google Now Remembers Where You Parked Even If You Don’t

Google Now keeps getting smarter, and with Google’s latest update, its new trick is the ability to find your parked car. Or, put another way, it “remembers” where you parked, even if your aged, decrepit, or sleepy brain doesn’t. (We’d include “or otherwise impaired” on that list, but you wouldn’t need to find your car if you were inebriated, right? Right.)

Google Now uses cards to show you the approximate location of your car so you can find it again, but it also works if you were traveling in any moving vehicle and got out, as the technology works by using your device’s sensors to determine when you leave the moving vehicle.

Google Now parking

Thus, the parking card will work for any car you’ve been riding in, such as a friend’s or parent’s vehicle.

You can easily create parameters for when, how, and how often you see Google Now parking cards by touching the menu icon on the card and answering a couple of questions.