Google Nabs The Brains Behind Tesla Autopilot And SpaceX Flight Software

Google just landed itself an experienced and well rounded engineer who's been associated with several high profile companies and projects. His name is Robert Rose and his most recent stint before joining Google was with Tesla, which builds and sells electric vehicles. The company is also involved in self-driving and assisted-driving vehicle technologies, the latter of which is where Rose lent his skills.

In his short time at Tesla, Rose was in charge of the Autopilot team through the release of software version 7.0. Autopilot 7.0 introduced things like Autosteer and Auto Lane Change for the Model S. It also brought things like improved climate control, better efficiency and performance for real-wheel drive Model S vehicles, and a new user interface.

Google Wall

According to Rose's LinkedIn page, he's now a Software Engineer for Google Robotics. Early speculation was that Google hired Rose to assist with the company's autonomous vehicle technologies, though sources tell 9To5Google that he's not working on the search giant's car project. There are also some rumblings that Rose didn't resign from Tesla, but was laid off.

Make of the gossip what you will, but one thing is for sure, Rose has the sort of resume that gets the attention of company's like Google. Prior to his time spent at Tesla, Rose worked as a software engineer at, a firm that's "building a unified algorithmic architecture to achieve human-level intelligence in vision, language, and motor control."

Rose also served as the Director of Flight Software for SpaceX, developed games for Sony's PSP system, and worked at HP while getting his Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State University.

If not self-driving cars and related technologies, what might Rose be working on at Google? It's possible Google hired him to bring focus and leadership to "Replicant," a semi-secretive robotics division at Google that was once led by Andy Rubin.