Google Makes Chromecast iOS App Official

We’ve covered the Google Chromecast in some detail, including our full review, and we’ve found that using the device is incredibly easy, including with the Chromecast app for Android. Google has now expanded app availablity by introducing an official Chromecast app for iOS, as well.

Like the Android version, Chromecast on iOS is free, and it lets you “cast” video from YouTube and Netflix as well as movies and music from Google Play to your TV or other display. You can quickly set up your Chromecast device with the app, which includes connecting to your wireless network and managing settings.

Google Chromecast iOS app

The addition of an iOS Chromecast app was of course to be expected, and now it’s here, so users can now control Google Chromecast with their iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices--and of course, from a PC.