Google Makes Chrome Apps For Mac Available On The Chrome Web Store

Googlers are well-known for using Macs on campus, and Google has a history of dishing out great software to both OS X and iOS. To that end, the company is announcing Mac support for Chrome Apps. Starting today, you'll just need an updated version of the Chrome browser, and then head into the "For your desktop" section of the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Apps work offline, update automatically and sync to any computer where you're signed into Chrome, so you can pick up where you left off. The goal was to make these apps "feel like native software." For example, you can find your Chrome Apps in the Applications folder on the Dock. Search for apps by name in the Spotlight search—just like any other Mac program that you already use.

Interestingly, you'll also be treating to the Chrome Ap Launcher, which is an icon that sits in your Dock and enables you to launch into Chrome more quickly. It's effectively pulling one of the greatest parts of a Chromebook into the Mac universe. It's a pretty big score for Mac users -- if you've got a favorite app, drop it in comments!