Google Launches Chrome Beta For Phones and Tablets

Great news for Android users: starting today, you can install Chrome Beta channel for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+ from Google Play. This release includes some of the biggest developer updates to Chrome for Android since its launch last year, bringing many features available on other Chrome versions to Android as well. Like what, you ask? Like these: With prefixed support for CSS Filters you can apply visual effects like grayscale, blur, and contrast adjustment to the mobile web; the new Flexible Box Layout Module simplifies the styling of complex layouts; the dynamic viewport units vw, vh, and vmin can now be used for responsive design; the <track> element for video provides a simple, standardized way to add subtitles, captions, screen reader descriptions, and chapters; the CSS calc() function can be used anywhere a length is required by a CSS properties; and the @sandbox and @srcdoc attributes of the iframe element give you more control over inline frames.

Lastly, the new beta comes with an updated stack of Developer Tools. Google promises to push out periodic updates, and better still, installing the Beta won't replace your existing build of Chrome for Android.