Google Jumps Into Global Brands Top 10

Last week Interbrand issued its 2008 Best Global Brands rankings. While most of the top 10 remained unchanged from 2007, with IBM and Microsoft swapping places (IBM rose from 3 to 2), one big change emerged: Google rose from 20 to 10, with Mercedes-Benz dropping to 11.  Interbrand produces this report annually, which is then used to produce a special report by Business Week.

The report is generated from June 30th to June 30th annually, so while it does show quite a bit of financial firms dropping in global ranking from 2007, it doesn't show the full effect of the recent financial turmoil on Wall Street and elsewhere.  For example, Merrill Lynch dropped from 22 to 34, while HSBC dropped from 23 to 27. AIG dropped from 47 to 54, and Morgan Stanley dropped from 37 to 42.

Among tech companies, Nintendo rose from 44 to 40, Yahoo! dropped from 55 to 65, and RIM made the ranking for the first time at 73, Dell dropped from 31 to 32, Apple rose from 33 to 24, and HP stayed put at 12.

You can see a table with the top 10 below.

Interbrand's press release said:

“The Best Global Brands 2008 ranking is a reflection of the global economy – the current credit crisis in the U.S., the growth of emerging markets and the increased emphasis on sustainability are all key trends that resulted in brands rising or failing on the list,” said Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand. “The increasing complexities of the global economy reinforce the importance of protecting and growing a brand. It is a company’s most valuable asset – and a far less volatile asset than others during a time of economic uncertainty.”

Their methodology for ranking is described on page 14 of this year's report (.PDF).

It should be noted that their criteria for inclusion (at all) excludes privately held companies such as Mars, and Wal-Mart, because "it does business in some international markets but not under the Walmart brand."
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