Google Inviting "VIP" Google Music All Access Users To Try Glass

Google had been stingy with who can join the legion of Google Glass Explorers, but the company has been gradually opening up the beta to more and more potential users. This autumn, current Explorers were allowed to invite three pals to try Glass, and in Google recently expanded the Glass Explorer program to anyone who signs up, offers a convincing argument for inclusion, and is lucky enough to be deemed worthy.

The scope of potential Glassers is now expanding even further, as users of Google Music All Access are reportedly receiving email invitations to join the Explorer program. It’s not clear if all Google Music All Access users are getting the invite or if it’s just a select group of VIP members--the posted email screenshot and subsequent sign up page are both unclear on that point.

Google Glass Google Music All Access email invite
Credit: Gizmodo

In any case, it’s noteworthy that more folks are being given the opportunity to get Glass (even though it still most likely costs $1,500), and it’s of further interest that these are music customers getting the nod as opposed to, say, heavy YouTube posters or those with a strong Google+ presence.

Here’s hoping for a final version of Glass sometime in the new year.