Google Investigating Nexus 7 GPS Connection Issues

It appears that Google's latest Nexus 7 (one we highly recommend) has some GPS issues that are plaguing those who'd like to take advantage of the feature. Hundreds of posts were made both to the XDA Developers site and also Google Groups, and at least one Google employee has come forward to say that the company is "looking into it."

2nd Gen Google Nexus 7

The extent of the problem varies between user; some will see their GPS operate just fine for about a half-an-hour, while others might have it conk out after just a couple of minutes. What always seems to fix the problem is a reboot of the tablet, but that's hardly ideal when you're on-the-go, especially if you're going to have to do it every couple of minutes - the thought alone irks me.

The cause is of course unknown at this point, with some speculating that it's due to an update that the Play Store pushed through after the device's launch. One user stated that he contacted Google's support and was told that the issue is known, and that a patch will come out at some point, though a release date and further information is not known - it's all vague at best.

If you're rocking the latest Nexus, have you been noticing an issue with the GPS?