Google Introduces "Keep" To Take On Evernote And Remember The Milk

There's no shortage of note-keeping apps on the market today -- items like Remember The Milk and Evernote are pretty popular terms amongst the tech-savvy contingent. But then, there's Google. While "Tasks" has been an integrated part of Gmail for quite some time, it looks as if Google is aiming to encroach on Evernote's territory with a new feature dubbed Keep. Much like it encroached on Dropbox with Drive, Keep looks to give avid Google service users the ability to jot down notes as they go, organize them into lists, and make them available across platforms.

Regardless of whether you're adding or editing a note on your PC, tablet, or phone, changes are instantly synced across all of them. There's little functionality right now beyond note taking, list making and color changing, and there's no OS support beyond Android 4.0 at the moment. In other words, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users won't have a Keep app at the ready, but of course that's likely to change -- after all, Google rolled out a Drive and Gmail app for iOS shortly after it originally landed on Android.

Try it out at, or take a look at what it can do for you in the video below.