Google Home Bluetooth Audio Streaming Finally Rolled-Out In Latest Firmware Update

If you own a Google Home device and have been craving some Bluetooth audio action, then you should be really happy to know that as of right now, an update is being rolled out to the devices that will remedy a very long-standing request from consumers.

google home

Up to this point, those wanting to listen to music through their Google Home have had to use one of the supported platforms, which have included Spotify, Play Music (of course), and Pandora. That's great if you want one of the services, but if you have another app to play your own local music, or some other streaming service, you've been out of luck until right now.

In the most up-to-date version of the Google Home app, you should now be able to see a section to create a paired Bluetooth device, as seen in the shot below. This could be your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or even desktop if you happen to have a Bluetooth chip installed.

Google Home Bluetooth 2

This might seem like a minor update, but in actually, it's a small one that finally brings Google's platform at music-streaming parity with Amazon's super-successful Echo family of devices. If you've been waiting for this feature to be implemented, you may recall that it was accidentally enabled back in June, and even today, it seems like there is a chance that the implementation isn't perfect.

It might be best to consider it a "beta" for the time-being, even if it's not labeled as such. Given how long this seemingly simple feature took to get here, it wouldn't be surprising if there were still some rough edges to be smoothed out.