Google Hands Out $6 Play Store Credit For Chromecast Owners

Planning to stay in for Valentine’s Day? If you have a Chromecast TV dongle, Google is willing to cover the cost of your movie rental for the night. The Valentine’s Day gift comes in the form of a $6 credit you can use for a movie (or anything else) on Google’s Play Store.

Chromecast lets you stream video to your TV

Cashing in on Google’s Valentine’s Day largess is easy. Visit the Chromecast Offers page, select the $6 deal, and you’ll soon be shopping at the Play Store. A deal like this is a great way to get Chromecast users talking to friends and family about the device, so it makes sense that Google would give it a try, but the timing makes one wonder if Google is feeling some pressure from the Vudu Spark TV stick.

Walmart is selling the stick for $24.95, which is cheaper than the Chromecast, and it’s offering $5 credits for the first five months. Of course, the Vudu Spark needs a low price to get traction – it doesn’t support other services like Netflix (as the Chromecast does).

The Chromecast plugs into your TV to stream video over your Wi-Fi network.

So go get your $6 credit, kick back with (or without) your Valentine, and enjoy a movie on Google. There are certainly worse ways to spend the holiday.