Google Glass Takes To The Catwalk at New York Fashion Show

We don’t cover fashion here very often--OK, never--but sometimes when the tech world crosses over into other industries in interesting ways, it’s certainly worth noting. In this case, it’s the fashion world, where Google Glass spectacles were featured heavily in Diane von Furstenberg’s debut of her “Palazzo” spring 2013 collection. (Now there’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.)

It’s actually not all that surprising that Google’s wearable computer glasses could be considered tech chic; they look futuristic (which they should, because technically they are) and cool, like something a stylish Borg might wear. After all, Google could have gone with a more utilitarian BCG style of frame, which we’re guessing wouldn’t have been as welcome at New York’s Fashion Week.

Brin and von Furstenberg
Sergey Brin with Diane von Furstenberg

Looks aside, there’s a much better reason for the Glasses. Ms. von Furstenberg used the her own Google specs to record every aspect of her show, a sort of first-person behind-the-scenes documentary called “DVF Through Glass”. Presumably, we’ll get to see the show through the eyes of some of the runway models, as well. The short film will premier on Google-owned YouTube (where else?) and von Furstenberg’s Google Plus page on September 13th.

Side note: It looks like Google Glasses will be available in colors other than silver.