Google Glass Projected to Retail for $299

If you're planning to jump on the Google Glass bandwagon once the product ships to consumers, you're likely to be pleased to know that it's not going to be setting you back a cool $1,000+ like the developer kits would have. According to a researcher based in Taipei, the same city Glass' displays are likely to be manufactured, estimates are that the consumer model will carry a price-tag of $299.

Given what we've heard from others in the past, and Google itself, $299 does seem to sound reasonable. According to a China Post article, the display manufacturer Himax (which Google has purchased a 6.3% stake of) states it will cost between $30 - $35 to make the display - a little interesting since you might have imagined it'd cost more than any other component. At that price, it seems the software and sensors will be valued much higher than everything else.

Absolutely a typical Google Glass wearer

According to research firm IHS Inc., shipments of "smart glasses" could increase to 124,000 this year, up 150% - though developers will be responsible for the bulk. It's further estimated that shipments could skyrocket to 10 million through 2012 - 2016.

Will you be buying Google Glass or some other form of wearable computing in the near-future?