Fitbit Ace LTE Smartwatch Gamifies Fitness To Keep Kids Active And Connected

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Here's a product parents can get behind: a Fitbit fitness watch for kids that doesn't take itself too seriously, and instead encourages them to exercise through some fun and games. The new Fitbit Ace LTE isn't a full blown smartwatch, but it does allow parents to stay in touch with their children through GPS and 4G LTE connectivity.

Fitbit, which is part of Google nowadays, is opening up orders for its new Ace LTE watch meant for children. The device combines on-board sensors and gamification to help children get the daily physical activity that they need without turning it into a trudge. (Truth be told, mainstream watches could use something like this to get our butts going oftentimes.)

Two primary features that are meant to get your kids moving are "The Noodle" status ring that records movement and celebrates as specific goals are met, plus their personal avatar called an "eejie" that gets happier the more goals and movement kids make per day. It's a play on Tamagotchi and we dig it.

The Fitbit Ace LTE also has downloadable kid-friendly games. Some are regular old time-wasters (no PUBG or Minecraft here, of course), but other games are pretty novel, playing into the whole daily movement process as well. There's a golf game that requires actual arm swings and walking to retrieve the ball, while there's also a fishing game that works by casting the rod with the arm and reeling with your hands when you feel a tug from the virtual fish (through haptics). 

Even the straps are cool. Not only do they come in different colors and designs, swapping each one out automatically changes the watch theme (like for The Noodle) and characters. For example, switch out the Courtside band for a bunch of sports-related themes, or get the Strange Arcade version for gaming icons and characters.

FitbitAceLTE app

Of course, security, safety, and parental tools are part of the picture as well. Parents can easily track their kids through connected LTE and GPS at any time. If need be, parents can call, text, leave messages, and limit functionality of the watch when the kids are in school. 

The Ace LTE has Gorilla Glass 3 with 5ATM water resistance, which means it's built tough. Fitbit even throws in a bumper case for added protection. Kids aren't known for being delicate, after all.

The watch is up for preorder right now, but it's not cheap to get this watch going to its full potential. Besides the steep $230 MSRP, the watch requires data for calls, texts, GPS location, to download games via Fitbit Arcade, and software updates. Fitbit offers only two data plan options (a.k.a. Fitbit Ace Pass)—either $10 month or $120 annually. Ace Bands are an additional $35 each. Ooof.