Samsung Leaks Its Own Fitbit Killer, The Galaxy Fit 3, And It Looks Like An Apple Watch

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Samsung is readying a follow-up to its relatively successful fitness watch called the Galaxy Fit 3. The design will be a departure from its earlier pill-shaped predecessors, moving into the more familiar Apple Watch or Amazfit Bit territory. Let's find out what you can expect from the new device.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 was launched more than three years ago at this point, the fitness watch/band market has exponentially matured and expanded. Brands like Fitbit have lost their luster, whereas Amazfit and Xiaomi take up more of the pie nowadays. After all, not everyone wants a pricey and bloated smartwatch like an Apple Watch, Pixel Watch, or even Galaxy Watch. Samsung has finally realized this and is going back to the basics with the Galaxy Fit 3.

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The new watch drops the pill shaped design for a more "traditional" rectangular profile, which brings a larger, higher resolution 1.6-inch OLED  with a 256x402 resolution (versus 1.1-inch and 126x294 OLED on the Fit 2). Also getting a significant bump are the RAM and ROM allotments: 16MB/256MB (Fit 2: 2MB/32MB), although with that amount of internal storage, it's unlikely users will be able to upload audio files onto the watch. 

Rather like the majority of watches in this category, the Fit 3 will be running the open-source RTOS (Real Time Operating System). This lightweight OS is fantastic for simplicity and power efficiency, unlike the more app-connected, albeit power-hungry Watch OS and Wear OS. Samsung promises 13 days of battery life for the Fit 3, although we'll need a real-world test to confirm that, especially since the Fit 2 was known to substantially miss its promised 16-day battery life, sometimes by as much as half.

We were able to obtain this information from a deleted (but now cached) Samsung UAE product page. Samsung hasn't officially acknowledged the device outside of its premature blunder, or provided details on price or availability. Stay tuned to these pages as this progresses.