Google Fiber’s New Home Phone Service Inherits Best Of Google Voice

Two months ago, we first learned the Google Fiber was entertaining the possibility of expanding its gigabit Internet and TV packages to include home phone service. This would in effect make Google Fiber a true triple-play service to better compete with similar bundles from the likes of AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable.

Today, Google Fiber officially announced the addition of Fiber Phone, which is an optional add-on for existing Google Fiber customers. As you might expect, Fiber Phone includes unlimited local and nationwide calling in addition to attractive rates on international calls. You’ll of course find caller ID, call waiting support, and emergency 911 service.

fiber phone

You can also port over your existing home phone number and have access to voicemail transcription services (which will be familiar to Google Voice users), which can be sent to you either via email or text. Google upgraded its transcription services last year with better accuracy, which should make this feature even more beneficial to customers. And given than your Fiber Phone number is cloud-based, you don’t actually have to be at home to answer or make calls. You can access your number (along with all of the functionality included with Fiber Phone) from nearly any Internet-connected PC, smartphone or tablet.  

Perhaps best of all, Fiber Phone is attractively priced, adding only $10/month extra to your bill. Unfortunately, Fiber Phone won’t be available to all Google Fiber customers at once — it will only be introduced “in a few areas to start.”

If you’d like to get more information about Fiber Phone, or when it will be available in your area, you can fill out this form.