Google Fi Customers Can Save Over $400 With This Great Galaxy Z Flip 3 Deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
If you ever pay full price for a smartphone, then you are doing it wrong. Okay, that is not really the case. However, there are often deals to be had, which can be especially helpful at taking some of the sting away from splurging on a premium handset. As it applies to Samsung's brand-spanking-new Galaxy Flip 3 phone, you can save $400 off the MSRP through Google Fi, and get $150 in store credit at Samsung.

Making the offer even more enticing, it applies to both new and existing customers. So, how does it work? If you are a new Google Fi customer (either brand new, or whose last day of Google Fi service has been more than 180 days), you need to active the Galaxy Z Flip 3 on a new full service plan within 30 days of receiving a shipment confirmation, and then remain active on Google Fi for 30 consecutive days.

Other caveats include having to activate the phone on the same Google Fi account used to purchase the phone or be a new member of the purchaser's group plan, and transfer a phone number to the qualifying Google Fi account within 30 days. Therein lies the biggest caveat—anyone who chooses to get a brand new number will not receive the $400 bill credit.

The fine print is similar for existing Google Fi customers—they too much activate the phone within 30 days, albeit on an existing full service plan, and it must be on the same Google Fi account that was used to purchase the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

"If you do not currently have Fi service and your last day of Fi service took place within the last 180 days as part of an existing single subscriber or group plan, you must also bring/transfer your number to Fi within 30 days of the shipment confirmation email. Fi-to-Fi number transfers are not eligible," Google explains.

The $400 savings will not come as a check or prepaid card. Instead, it is a credit that gets applied towards monthly service costs. As for the additional $150 credit at Samsung, to qualify, you must preorder and purchase the phone by August 26, then download the Shop Samsung app from the Galaxy Store or Google Play store, and follow the instructions.

You can find more details on the Google Fi promo page.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Key Specs

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

As for the phone itself, we have not had a chance to review it, but have gone hands-on with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, for a brief preview of the folding handset. It's a slick phone with a large 6.7-inch Infinity Flex display (2640x1080), with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, up from 60Hz on its predecessor.

In addition, it boasts a larger 1.9-inch Cover screen with a 512x260 resolution, with a 10MP selfie camera and two 12MP sensors for wide-angle and ultra-wide angle photography.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and 8GB of RAM. Internal storage checks in at 128GB or 256GB, depending on which capacity you choose. It also features a 3,300 mAh battery that supports 10-watt wireless and 15-watt wired fast charging, or 4.5-watt reverse wireless charging.

Stay tuned for a full review at a later date.