Google FAQ Adds a Bit of Transparency to Glass, Addresses Privacy Concerns

Still unclear about this whole Glass thing from Google? Don't worry, you're not alone. In part to address privacy concerns and offer some clarity to its Glass project, Google recently posted an extensive FAQ page broken up into four categories. It addresses general Glass questions, specifications, security and privacy concerns, and questions about the software.

If you haven't been following Glass much, if at all, then consider this a must-read primer if you're at all interested in being introduced to the project. And if you're already familiar with Glass, you might want to skip straight to the Security and Privacy section, especially in light of all the concerns that have been raised on the web.

Google Glass

One of the biggest concerns is that of being recorded without your knowledge by someone wearing Glass. In its FAQ, Google talks about what it's done to inform non-Glass users if a picture or video is being taken.

"We have built explicit signals in Glass to make others aware of what’s happening. First, the device’s screen is illuminated whenever it’s in use, and that applies to taking a picture or recording a video," Google explains. "Second, Glass requires the user to either speak a command — 'OK Glass, take a picture' or 'OK Glass, record a video' — or to take an explicit action by pressing the button on the top of Glass’s frame. In each case the illuminated screen, voice command, or gesture all make it clear to those around the device what the user is doing."

Bear in mind that this is only an FAQ, and as such, it's not going to suddenly sway public opinion or make Glass any less controversial. It will, however, give you a better understanding of the project and could help clear up confusion.