Google Promises This Year's Chromebooks Will Get Updates Through 2028

chromebook edu

The Google for Education team has announced good news for schools that have embraced Chromebooks or those who are looking to add a bunch of Chromebooks this year. Google routinely sends out security updates and features to Chromebook devices every six weeks, and it says that it works with manufacturers to be sure schools get the most out of the updates. Google says that all new devices for 2020 will now have a longer life and will receive updates through 2028.

Along with longer life for machines, the updates will also bring more capabilities, including touchscreens and improved user interfaces along with a new price for the Chrome Education Upgrade program. Google is aiming to simplify IT for schools and give admins streamlined tools to manage all the devices across the organization. Managed Access will provide admins with control over what students can access and how the devices can be used.

The management system will use a cloud-based command center allowing admins to oversee all devices in the fleet. IT managers also get advanced admin controls to allow them to disable devices remotely, set persistent enrollment to prevent unauthorized access, or set data to remove at the end of each session. Google also reminds us that each Chromebook has two copies of the operating system on it allowing one to silently update without disrupting work or class. The only downside to the new management tools is that the Chrome Education Upgrade is increasing from $30 to $38.

Google says increased costs enables the longer lifespan. Google has also improved the admin console making pages load ten times faster than before. Admins can also manage apps for users along with browsers, manage guest sessions, and kiosks on a single page. A settings page allows for native print options to be managed more closely with controls for setting default printers and restrictions on duplex, color, and more. Google has several new devices coming in 2020 that will be able to take advantage of the longer lifespan for Chrome updates.

In other Google news, it announced earlier this month that is working on official Steam support for Chromebooks.