Google Docs Can Now Be Edited On Mobile Devices, Spreadsheets Are Next

It's too early to make the call for sure, but it looks like Office's days are numbered. But then again, the same was said of physical discs, and although iTunes is making a huge dent in CD sales, people are still swooping in to buy console games on disc versus downloading PC titles en masse via Steam. At any rate, Google Docs does actually stand a good chance at eating away at some of Microsoft's market share, primarily because Docs are free to use. Office, on the other hand, is quite expensive.

But one of the main issues with Google Docs is the inability to edit on the go, easily. There are Office applications that help users edit those while using a mobile device, but Google hasn't kept up. Oh, wait a minute...that changes today. Today, Google has introduced a new documents editor that supports editing on a mobile browser. They're rolling it out to users over the next few days, and you can visit to see if it's available to you. The mobile editor looks quite slick, and it will soon be available to all English-language users around the world on Android with Froyo (version 2.2) and on iOS devices (version 3.0+) including the iPad.

Support for other languages will be added soon, as will editing of spreadsheets. Now that Google's suite is going mobile, is there really a need to shell out for that next version of Office?