Google's Cloth-Clad And Comfortable Daydream View VR Headset Launches In November For $80

daydream vr 1
The Pixel and Pixel XL are perhaps the most exciting products announced today at Google’s hardware event, but the Daydream View VR headset has to come a close second. You can think of the Daydream View as fancier successor to Cardboard, although you’ll pay a much heftier price for that honor.

The Daydream View is extremely lightweight, putting competitors like the Samsung Gear VR to shame (the Daydream View weighs 220 grams while the Gear VR weighs 345 grams).

daydream vr 2

This is accomplished thanks to a fabric (available in Snow, Slate, and Crimson) and foam construction which should help aid in reducing fatigue during extended VR sessions. A hinged panel (made of plastic) at the front accepts your Android smartphone — for now, Daydream is only supported on the Pixel and Pixel XL, but official support from third-party OEMs is incoming shortly.

The face mask portion of the device is both removable and washable, which is good for germophobes that want to keep the device free of gunk after hours of wandering aimlessly through VR worlds. 

Another thing that sets the Daydream View apart from its comparably priced rivals is that it doesn’t require the wearer to fiddle around with headset-mounted controls. Instead, a separate wireless motion controller is included that allows you to interact with the software UI. The controller features a Home button, a trackpad, and volume buttons within easy reach. When not in use, the controller stows inside the headset so that you don’t lose track of it.

Preorders for the Daydream View open on October 20th and it will be priced at $79, and it will begin shipping in November.