This Google Crome Extension Can Link You Directly To Specific Text On A Website

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Google has just developed a very handy new Chrome extension that will likely prove to be very popular once people catch window of it. The extension is called Link to Text Fragment, and will automatically generate a URL that will take you to a specific section of text on a website, no matter how it's formatted.

You'll first need to add the extension to your browser. Once Link to Text Fragment is installed, you simply have to highlight any text on a website, right-click, and then select "Copy Link to Selected Text" using the contextual menu that is presented.

At that point, the extension automatically generates a link that you can share with anyone. When you or the recipient of the link that you create clicks on it, it will open the page and automatically scroll to the previously selected text and highlight it in yellow. The operation is so simple and brilliant, that we can't believe we didn't think of it before.

This extension could come in handy for long articles that you might send someone, and instead of them having to read through the entire piece, they could just be presented with the relevant information quickly. I tried the extension myself using the latest version of Chrome, and generated this link to highlight a section from our ASUS TUF Gaming A15 reviewtalking about the wireless connectivity options of the laptop. It worked flawlessly.

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Now we should mention that the Link to Text Fragment extension is only compatible with Chromium-based browsers (version 80 or above). The extension uses a feature called Text Fragments (imagine that), which was first introduced with Chrome 80 back in late December 2019.

At this point only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) support the extension and the ability to properly view the links that are generated. At this time, Google says that neither Apple, nor Mozilla have signaled that they will support the functionality in Safari or Firefox respectively. That means that if someone using Chrome or Edge sends a Safari or Firefox user a specially formatted link, it won’t go to the highlighted section of the given page.

You can download Link to Text Fragment directly from Google via the Chrome Web Store.