Google Chrome Now Sniffs Out Which Tab Is Playing Music

Leave it to Google's Chrome team to keep the smiles coming, even from a web browser. Chrome itself seems to be updated on a near-nightly basis, with patches and performance tweaks being the norm. That said, a slew of new features have cropped up over the past few months, and the latest Chrome beta includes yet another that sounds almost too good to be true. While sites that auto-play audio have dropped dramatically, they still exist. The latest Chrome beta adds an obvious visual cue up in the tab bar so that you can glance up and see immediately which site is to blame for that screeching coming from your speakers.

In addition, the beta adds visual tab bar cues for sites that are using your webcam and casting to your TV. For those using Windows 8, Chrome now looks slightly different in Metro mode, as it's now possible to manage multiple Chrome windows and quickly get to your favorite Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher. In fact, it looks a lot like the launcher in Chrome OS. Finally, while Safe Browsing warns you before you visit malicious websites or download malicious files, Chrome Beta will now automatically block malware files.

For those who aren't keen on using betas, we suspect that these features will hit the stable channel in just a few short weeks.