Google Chrome Making Web Browsing Safer, Canary Build Automatically Blocks Malware Downloads

The Internet isn’t the safest place in the world. In addition to the many wonders it holds, it’s also populated by ne’er-do-wells that want nothing more than to scam, steal, or simply wreak havoc. The Google Chrome browser promises more safeguards against some of the hazards of web browsing by detecting and automatically blocking malware downloads.

If the browser sniffs out malware that’s flagrant or being hidden within another download, it will pop up this message to warn you about it:

Google Chrome malware block

You can simply click “Dismiss”, because the browser isn’t asking for permission--it’s actively blocking malware and simply letting you know about it. The new feature is currently in the latest Google Chrome Canary build.

Google Chrome browser

Google also mentioned that it adds some 10,000 websites every day to its Safe Browsing database, added a “reset browser settings” button to let you quickly and easily revert your browser to “factory” settings, and more.