Google Chrome Gains Warning Screen To Protect Users From Malicious Websites And Software

Google has long offered some serious protection in its Chrome Web browser from malicious software, and in some cases, I'd almost call it too protective. Nonetheless, the warnings the browser provides are good, because as unfortunate as it is, a lot of people end up downloading and installing something that's bundling more than they're bargaining for.

Well, with Google's latest update to its 'SafeBroswing' mechanism, the level of protection is being taken step further. Now, if a site is known to be hosting malicious software, a warning will come up before the person is able to enter the website.

Google Chrome Security

In addition to this, Google's also recently begun being more proactive about disabling Google ads that lead people to shady download sites, and its search engine has also had these changes reflected. In quick tests, I am not seeing much improvement with regards to search, although Google's likely strictly targeting malware-laden installers, rather than installers from non-official sources that install legitimate software on the side for a kickback.

I still find it ridiculous, though, that if you search for a term like 'VLC download', the first link (sponsored) will be to an unofficial, potentially shady, source. As this keeps going on, it's apparently a very successful mechanic.

That all aside, the changes Google has made today are good, and will hopefully result in less people infecting themselves with malware.