Google Chrome Event This Week: The Browser, Or The OS?

Is there something new brewing at Google? It sure seems like it, but maybe it's just following up on something that's new exactly "new." Various media outlets have received an invitation from Google to attend a Chrome-related event on December 7th. The event will be hosted in San Francisco, where Google plans to "share some exciting news about Chrome."

So in reality, this is probably about one of two things. It may be about the Chrome web browser, but considering that the Chrome browser just recently received a new update, that's unlikely. Would Google hold an event just to talk about new features of a browser? Unless they were planning to blow the doors off of browsing, that's unlikely. Not totally out of the question, but definitely unlikely.

But for anyone who has followed Google's moves over the past year, they'll know that Chrome could refer to something else: the operating system. Chrome OS was announced with a lot of fanfare months and months ago, but all we have heard since is...well, not much. Chrome OS still isn't out, and there's been no update on its progress. We are still left knowing only that it's a Linux-based OS catered to netbooks, with rumors swirling that only select hardware configurations will be certified to run Chrome OS. An update here would be entirely more likely, as it's far more overdue. The world has been waiting on a Chrome OS status update for months on end, and with the holidays and CES 2011 just around the corner, the timing seems perfect for Google to once again draw attention to their OS initiative.

We're placing our bets on a Chrome OS update, possibly even news on the first Chrome OS netbooks. Would you agree, or do you think it's something more creative?