Google Chrome Canary Beta Build Brings Touch Control and On-Screen Keyboard

The latest nightly build of Google's Chrome Canary browser suggests that the sultan of search is getting ready to implement a handful of touch-enabled features to its popular stable browser. Canary, for those who aren't aware, is basically a beta version of Chrome. It has the "newest of the new Chrome features" and is designed for early adopters who want to live on the bleeding edge, and best of all, it can be installed and run right alongside the stable version of Chrome.

Introduced to last night's Canary build is a new swipe feature that allows you to navigate through webpages without resorting to the back and forward buttons. It's very similar to the slide navigation feature found in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 browser for Windows 8.

Chrome Canary

One of the Chrome Canary flags also enables pinch-to-zoom, a fairly basic touch option, and there's an on-screen keyboard that you can enable by tapping the address bar or text boxes.

Google's push into touch territory is no doubt motivated by Windows 8, and it also complements the company's own Chromebook Pixel with touchscreen.