Google Chrome 61 Hits Stable Channel With WebUSB API Support And New JavaScript Module

Just a couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the [then] forthcoming version 61 of Google's Chrome, which introduces some notable features, including support for a slew of new APIs. Chrome 61 is now available in the release channel; if you're using Chrome right now, chances are you can update simply by restarting your browser.

The exact version out today is 61.0.3163.79, and it's available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It's really hard to weigh one of the updated features over another, as what's more useful really depends on your usage case. But one of Google's outed feature is new JavaScript module support, streamlining how JS can be developed. But that's just the start.

HotHardware Chrome 61

For the most fervent of shoppers, a new mechanic for hooking payments is sure to catch your attention. This feature hasn't been talked really at all with this release, although it's still referenced in the git repo. In time, websites will be able to implement hooks that can make use of external payment platforms, such as Android Pay. This way, you could purchase something from a website without having to fill out all of your information. You could consider the entire mechanic to be "similar" to PayPal, but it's far more integrated and should prove to be a huge conveniences for online shopping.

Also new here is WebUSB, which allows certain USB peripherals to work through Chrome, even if a system driver (etc: in Windows) is not present. This will allow people to use their more unique peripherals for more specialized tasks, and it's another example of a feature that might take some time to fully appreciate.

In addition to those big features, other APIs have been implemented to help improve interactivity between Chrome and someone's PC or device as a whole, including a API that will allow users on mobile to share using their native Android sharing feature.

This, and a lot more, can be yours with just a few easy clicks.