Google Brings Quickoffice to Chrome Browser with Native Client

When Google launched its Chromebook Pixel the other day, the search giant also announced it plans to port part of Quickoffice to its Chrome browser using Native Client. If you're not familiar, Native Client is a sandbox technology that allows web-based applications to run at near-native speeds. Using Native Client, developers can port applications written in C and C++ into ones that run completely within Chrome.

Google already launched a handful of Quickoffice document viewers for Chrome, ones that are only available on the Chromebook Pixel and also based on Native Client. However, TechCrunch claims it was told by Google that within three months, Quickoffice for the browser will have the ability to let users edit documents. It won't just run on Pixel, either, but also on the desktop. Like Chrome OS, the Chrome browser supports Native Client.


It remains to be seen what Google will charge for Quickoffice in Chrome. In mobile form, Quickoffice Pro runs $15 for Android and iOS smartphones, and $20 for the tablet version (Quickoffice Pro HD). Google Apps for Business subscribers can access the iPad version for free.