Google Bets Heavy on the iPhone

Google's been noticing the browser market share stats, obviously.  Anyone looking at those would have noticed just how quickly the iPhone browser's market share has risen.

The company said at Macworld Monday that it will retool its all-in-one Google application for the iPhone, improving the UI and speeding up loading times.

The new UI is better suited for the touchscreen capabilities of the iPhone, Google claims, and applications such as Gmail and Calendar have been sped up.

For example, Gmail has gained the ability for new e-mails to appear without the need for refreshing of the page. Additionally, the application has gained the ability to auto-complete e-mails like its desktop sibling. Calendar has gained a month view option, which allows the user to view a month's worth of appointments.

iGoogle gadgets will now also find a place on the iPhone, and their iGoogle preferences will carry over to the devices homepage UI. That application will be found under the Home tab.

So, are the Android developers getting any love at all?

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