Google Amps-Up Google Play Music With Curated Stations For Your Personal Groove, Rage Or Funk

Earlier this year, Google acquired a company by the name of Songza. Now, we're seeing some fruits of the integration. Playlists have become awfully important for all music apps, from Beats to Rhapsody to Pandora. And now, Google Play Music is joining the fun with curated music stations that respond to whatever it is that you're presently doing. The only major catch? It's just available to All Access members that pay a monthly subscription fee, so those who use the free version of the service won't be able to partake. Here's a description of what's new, right from Google itself:

"If you’re a Google Play Music subscriber, next time you open the app you’ll be prompted to play music for a time of day, mood or activity. Choose an activity to get options for several music stations to make whatever you’re doing even better—whether it’s a station for a morning workout, songs to relieve stress during traffic, or the right mix for cooking with friends. Each station has been handcrafted—song by song—by our team of music experts (dozens of DJs, musicians, music critics and ethnomusicologists) to give you the exact right song for the moment.

You can download these music stations to listen when you’re offline, see what song is up next, and add, remove or re-order them to suit your taste. Or you can start a new station based on any song in the mix. You can also search for a particular station you want or activity you want to find music for.

As part of this update, we’ve also redesigned the “Listen Now” page so you can more easily discover new music. Now you’ll see cards for all of your recently played music, new releases you might be interested in, and radio stations based on what you like to listen to."

For All Access members, the new curated lists can be tapped into now if you're in the United States or Canada, regardless of whether you use iOS, Android, or the web. The redesigned “Listen Now” page is available in all 45 countries where Google Play Music is available.