Nest Secure Update Turns It Into A Google Assistant Device

Nest has announced that the Nest Secure home security device has been updated and will now work as a Google Assistant device. That means as users are on their way out the door, they can ask Google Assistant on the Secure device questions just as they would any Google Assitant device with the "Hey, Google" activation phrase. Google lists a number of ways that users could get help from Google Assistant integrated inside the Nest Secure device.

nest secure

Google says that you can ask for traffic information, flight status, or weather forecasts. Google Assistant capability lets you start a Routine to do anything you could do with a standard Google Assistant device. That means when you walk in you could say, "Hey Google, I'm Home" and initiate a routine that would turn on your lights and have a Nest Thermostat turn the air conditioning down or the heat up to make your home comfortable.

Voice commands from the Nest Secure device could lock a connected Nest X Yale lock or announce people at the door using Nest Hello. The Nest X Yale lock and video doorbell debuted in March 2018. Announcing people at the door requires Familiar Face alerts available only with a Nest Aware subscription. Users could also set reminders, create calendar appointments, or add items to a shopping list.

The update is particularly nice for users who don't have a Google Assistant device in their home already; the update gives them one at no additional cost. Google was contemplating a rebrand for Nest Smart Home products back in November, but no changes have been made at this time.