Good Guy Google Delivers Free, Unlimited Photo And Video Storage With Overhauled Photos App

Android M is definitely the biggest takeaway from the first day of Google I/O, but Google also had another trick up its sleeve in the form of a revamped Photos app. The new Photos app makes it easier for you organize your images and videos, tag people, and even search through your impossibly large library using simple text. It also performs automatic backing up of your images and provides easy to use editing and sharing tools.

“You can now take any set of photos and videos, or any album, and simply create a link to share hundreds of photos at once,” explains Anil Sabharwal, Head of Google Photos. “The recipient can see what you shared without a special app or login, then immediately save the high-quality images to their own library with a single tap. So now it’s easier to hang on to the photos you care about even if you weren’t the one holding the camera.”


What this really amounts to is taking the best of what’s available with Photos in Google+ and making them available to a wider audience that has no interest in using Google’s also-ran social networking platform.

With that said, the new Photos app will be available for both Android and iOS platforms (and of course the web) starting later today. Those of you on Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices are forever shut out of joining the cool kids table, and thus won’t be receiving a native Google Photos app.

But perhaps the biggest revelation surrounding the new Photos app, however, is that Google is offer all users unlimited storage of both videos and videos which is absolutely HUGE news. Images are limited to 16MP and videos are capped at 1080p, but no one should be complaining about those limitations on this free service. And if you do complain, I have a shiny black boot to punt into your nether regions!