Gold Rush? HTC One May Come In Gold To Match iPhone 5S

The HTC One is a nice-looking phone (our review here), and it’s shown up in black, red, blue, and sexy silver, but now HTC’s flagship phone may be donning a more audacious gown. According to leaked photos from Sina Weibo (it’s behind a login screen), there may be a gold-colored HTC One in the works, as well.

Yes, gold, just like the gold-colored iPhone 5S that Conan O’Brien openly mocked (Gold is best! Best! Best! Best!), which means that if the leaked photos are accurate, at least two flagship smartphones will be available in the color of kings.

HTC One gold
Credit: Sina Weibo via PhoneDog

Two phones coming in what is frankly an unprecedented smartphone color does not a trend make, but it could portend more companies following suit. ASUS, for instance, launched most of its line of Z87 motherboards with gold-colored parts.

We suppose some people will love the new color options--“I think it’s pretty”, said a relative after watching the Conan video of the gold iPhone--while others may see this as a tacky trend that needs to go away as soon as possible.

Note that the date stamp in one of the photos reads “2013/08/12”, which would indicate that the device was being put together a month ago; perhaps it’s already on its way to market.