Google Celebrates Gmail's 15th Birthday With Enhanced Smart Compose And Email Scheduling

Over the years Gmail has been through a lot of iterations and has gained a lot of cool features. Most recently Google updated the Gmail right-click menu to give it new functionality. Gmail updates have also removed features in the name of improving security with IFTTT integration being gutted last month. Google is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of Gmail back in 2004.


Google is talking up new features that are on the way that will keep the innovation coming. Smart Compose has gotten smarter since the feature launched and is now able to match your unique voice for composing email automatically. Google says that means if you like to start work emails with "Hey Team" that is what the Smart Compose will suggest. The big announcement for Smart Compose is that it will land for Android soon, and iOS in the future.

Smart Compose also supports four new languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. It can also suggest a subject line based on the body of the email. One of the cooler features will be welcome by those night owls who like to send out messages in the middle of the night. The new feature is "Write now, send later." The feature allows you to write an email whenever you want and then choose a time to send the message.

Gmail recently gained a feature that allows users to take action on email with the ability to respond to a comment thread in Docs or fill out a questionnaire within the message itself. The idea is that responding from within the message allows the user to stay more focused. Google also plans to make it so that the information inside an email can be kept up-to-date.