Google Updates Gmail Right-Click Menu So It's Actually Useful And More Intuitive

Google has already given its popular Gmail service a visual and functional overhaul, having refreshed the design in April of last year. It's also steadily been adding new features, such as Smart Compose and a native offline mode. Perhaps even better, Google is adding more options to the right-click context menu in Gmail.

This is going to impact all G Suite users, who will have access to a wealth of more options with right-click on a Gmail message. Users will be able to reply to or forward an email with a single click from the main page, search for all emails from a particular sender, search for all emails with the same subject (if conversation mode is turned off), open multiple emails in multiple new windows at the same time, and more easily add a label or move an email.

Here's a look at how the retooled right-click context menu will look with conversations mode turned on:

Gmail Right-Click Context Options
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And here is how it will look with conversations mode turned off:

Gmail Right-Click Context Menu
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The update is a major improvement in convenience. At present, Gmail users are limited to just a few options in the right-click context menu—the current options include archive, mark as unread, and delete. That is pretty underwhelming. Google's update to Gmail will expand that list to a dozen functions.

When will you be able to access all of these handy options? The answer is very soon, if you are a G Suite user. In fact, Google has already started rolling out the update to G Suite users in Rapid Release domains and will continue to do so over the next two weeks. Those in the Scheduled Release domains will see a full rollout starting February 22.

There's nothing you need to do but sit back and wait. The feature will be turned on by default. Unfortunately, Google has not given a timetable on when it these new options will be pushed to standard Gmail users, but hopefully it will be soon as well.