Global Warming In Chip Sales

Global microprocessor chip sales are booming. August 2007 came in a 4.5 percent higher than the previous year. It appears manufacturers of devices that use chips are forecasting a strong Christmas season ahead, and are readying themselves to deliver the shiny stuff for under the tree.

The increase is better than historical norms, according to John Pitzer, chip industry analyst at Credit Suisse Securities (USA). August marks the third month in a row that chip sales have been higher than seasonal norms.

August is the month electronics manufacturers buy most of the chips they need to prepare for holiday season gadget demand, the SIA said, indicating companies expect strong Christmas sales. Rising PC demand is also boosting overall chip sales because about 40 percent of all chips go into PCs. Other goods are helping global chip sales by increasing the number of chips used, such as automobile engines.

Sales of Personal Computers are way up worldwide as well; 12.5 percent higher than last year for the quarter.