Glass Tesla App Lets You Control Your Tesla With Google Glass

Happen to own both a Tesla Model S and Google Glass? Alright - let's be honest, the number could no doubt be counted on two hands, but if you happen to be one of those fingers, there's an app designed just for you. It's designed by Sahas Katta, and called, quite simply, "Glass Tesla", and is touted as being "Wearable Computing Meets the Electric Car". While its reach is going to be minimal at this point, it's a perfect example of what we could expect from technology like this down the road.

These examples will explain everything:

With Glass, you could easily keep up on your Model S' charge and predicted mileage, get directions, check up on temperatures, and also see if your car is locked or unlocked (the ability to actually lock or unlock will come later if Google releases the appropriate APIs).

Quite a good showing for Glass, and admittedly one of the first real-world examples of Glass that I've been genuinely impressed with.