Gigabyte Wants You to Know That Its On/Off Charge Technology Supports New iPad

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your life easier, and that’s what Gigabyte has been aiming for with its On/Off Charge technology. Simply put, On/Off Charge is a utility on Gigabyte motherboards that enables fast charging of iOS devices, even when the system is sleeping or even turned off.

With the new third-generation iPad already flooding the brains of early buyers with dopamine, Gigabyte wants you to know that On/Off Charge supports the new device and can charge one up to 40% faster than a standard USB port.

On/Off Charge also supports all previous iOS devices, and it’s available on most Gigabyte boards released in the last couple of years, including the company’s upcoming 7-series motherboards.

Gigabyte users can download the utility (although it should already come with your motherboard utilities disc) or connect the On/Off Charge front panel header to enable fast charging via the front I/O panel.