Gigabyte Unveils a UEFI BIOS--At Long Last

Gigabyte makes some fine motherboards, but one feature that has been notably absent on its boards is a UEFI BIOS. Even on its high-end motherboards, Gigabyte has stuck with an old, increasingly outdated-looking (and feeling) BIOS, even as its competitors unleash tricked-out UEFIs with snazzy GUIs.

With the release of its X79 boards in the very near future, Gigabyte now has its own DualBIOS UEFI, and it looks pretty nice. Check out the video below for a tour.

The new UEFI has two modes: Advanced and 3D BIOS. The advanced mode is essentially the same old Gigabyte BIOS, but dressed up a bit and navigable with the mouse as well as the keyboard.

The 3D BIOS, however, is rather unique; you get a 3D image of the motherboard. When you hover over a given section or component of the board, that part is highlighted and a little window pops up to give you more information, such as what settings germane to that item you can adjust, as well as a way to change those settings right then and there.

From the 3D BIOS, you can also view the CPU, base clock, and memory frequencies in real time. Another neat feature is that and you can click to rotate the image of the board to get a different view.

Gigabyte also announced a new 3D Power tool, which you can apparently access from the 3D BIOS. Using a Gigabyte app (Hey, when did we start calling non-mobile applications “apps”?), users can control the power flowing to the CPU by tweaking the frequency, phase, and voltage.

These developments portend good things for the new X79 boards from Gigabyte, which we’re looking forward to working with.
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