Gigabyte Teases 6-Series Motherboard Family To Support Intel Sandy Bridge

Who loves a sneak peek? More like who doesn't love a sneak peek, right? Gigabyte has just forwarded us details surrounding their upcoming 6-Series Motherboards that will support the new second-generation Intel Core processors. You may know them better as "Sandy Bridge." We're expecting Intel to get serious with Sandy Bridge next year, with more details surrounding exact ship dates to hopefully come at CES. But until then, at least we know Gigabyte is already working hard on a motherboard line for these very chips, which probably signals that production isn't as far out as you may have imagined.

The P67A-UD7 starts things off with a 24-phase power design, ten USB 3.0 ports (18 total including eight USB 2.0 ports), 6Gbps SATA support, compatibility with NVIDIA's 3-way SLI as well as AMD's CrossFire X, and a new matte black color PCB for a stylish, almost sinister look. There's even two Gigabit Ethernet ports, on/off USB charge ports and 8-channel onboard audio.

The P67A-UD5 has a 20-phase power design, fewer USB 3.0 ports, but most of the same specifications as the UD7.

The P67A-UD4 and P67A-UD3P step down with a 12-phase power design, while the low-end H67A-UD3H has onboard Intel HD graphics with a built-in HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort connectivity panel.

We're anxiously awaiting a price and release date for this series, but as of now, those are details that only Gigabyte knows.